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This is the container that holds the molten metal in the furnace. My first was a short piece of steel pipe that I took

to the local welding shop and had them weld a plate to the bottom. This crucible worked very well for a long

time but iron flakes that develop may contaminate the metal being melted. A friend made a version for me out

of stainless steel pipe. This one didn't have the flaking problem but for some reason developed a hole/leak in the wall of

the pipe so I can't recommend this option. Finally, I bought a silicon carbide crucible from Budget Casting Supply (see links).

These work great but you have to be careful handling them because they are somewhat fragile.

Note: you need separate crucibles for aluminum and brass so as to prevent cross-contamination of the metals.

Crucibles- Iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, and silicon carbide. The large silver spot on the stainless steel crucible near the bottom

is where it sprang a leak! There is a crack developing in the silicon carbide crucible....it will have to be taken out of service.

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