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A "flask" is the wood or metal form in which the sand mold is created. The top of the flask is called the "cope" and the bottom the "drag". Pins on each side keep the two halves perfectly aligned. 


1x4 inch wood frame flask being used to mold pattern for a smaller aluminum flask. This large mold used nearly all of my sand!

Flask drag & cope separated and pattern removed. 

A closer view of the drag half of the mold showing the deep hollow left after the pattern was removed. It will take 6 or 7 pounds of liquid aluminum to pour this casting.

Pattern and 3 shiny, newly cast flasks.

The inside sides of the aluminum flasks taper away from alignment tabs. This holds the sand in place in the cope. All that's left to do is to cut off the sprue and gates, and drill holes and install the alignment pins. I also cast an aluminum bottom board from a wood pattern I made. The completed flask is shown below.

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