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Ingot Mold

Ingot molds are used as a place to pour excess melted metal left over from casting. Scrap metal is often melted

to remove impurities and poured into ingots to put it into a more useful size and shape for later use.

Pouring excess yellow brass into an ingot mold.

A rusty muffin tin served well as my first ingot mold. The missing cup resulted from

me pouring aluminum into the tin when it was brand new. The aluminum stuck

to the cup so much that I tore it out trying to remove the ingot! See below about rusting the molds.

Later, I made a more sturdy version. 1-1/2 inch angle iron cut into 3 or 6 inch lengths.

Flat iron strips welded on each end of a group of four. Salt (and later water) in newly made

ingot molds on the left was added to encourage rusting (see results in 2nd photo).

Metal ingots don't stick to rusted surfaces.

3 inch aluminum ingots weigh about 1 pound each, twice that for 6 inch size shown here.

2012 Update

Here is a shot of my new ingot molds...I got them from one of the really big sporting goods stores.

They are cast iron molds for baked goods such as corn bread. They work great.

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