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Forced Air & Waste Oil Fuel - 1

My first oil fueled foundry setup. 

(Note: Burner design is similar to that described in a later section called Oil Burner)

Oil in recycled propane bottle gravity fed to furnace. A hole was drilled in the bottom of the bottle and tapped. A threaded insert connects to plastic tubing to supply oil to the burner assembly. Oil flow was controlled by a brass ball valve. The blower was purchased on Ebay. It moves a lot more air than the hair dryer I used on the flower pot foundry. A wooden slide "gate valve" visible in the photo below is used to control air flow to furnace. 

Problem: Oil flow was difficult to regulate and didn't blow well into furnace for combustion. The brass valve was hard to set for proper flow of oil. The air valve needs redesign.

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