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New Furnace Updates

I should have known better than to mount this new furnace on a wooden base.

Even with the sheet metal below I had problems. The depth of refractory over the

insulated base in the furnace was insufficient and the oil and fire leaked through.

The photos show the burned area below the back of the furnace. This had to be fixed.

I ended up pouring a concrete pad to mount the furnace(s) on.

Notice I have a new burner. I'm not going to discuss details of this as the design

is from a book I bought from/by Colin Peck. I will say that the new burner works

quite well and I'm now able to melt iron in my furnace. The book is available at

Colin's website. I highly recommend it.

The Artful Bodger's Home Foundry - http://www.artfulbodgermetalcasting.com/index.html

I also had to buy a new air blower as the motor went out on my Ebay special

this past summer. The new blower came from Grainger's Supply. It is a Dayton model

and is much quieter than my old one and puts out more air. I like it much better.

And finally I decided to upgrade my oil supply system. I now store the oil in a 30 gallon poly plastic barrel. I bought a Viking oil

pump on Ebay. The photo below shows the pump and the motor that drives it, a large brass bypass valve which prevents excess

backpressure on the pump and sends excess oil back into the storage barrel. More photos of this on the equipment page <here>.

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