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July 2009

My new acquaintance, Peg, is a big KU fan. Peg has a huge collection of 
KU memorabilia on shelves in her home office. I wanted to make something 
to add to her collection but, as a K-State graduate, I had to add my personal
twist. This is what I came up with. It is a Jayhawk, the KU mascot, holding 
a K-State pennant and a KSU Power Cat logo. You can tell by the smile 
that he is a good sport!

The K-Hawk is 5 inches high and made of yellow brass. The KSU letters
and inscription on the reverse of the pennant were hand engraved.

Here is a shot of the back side. All parts were epoxied to the walnut
stained pine base.

The original pattern was molded from natural clay and was very delicate. I
used it only long enough to make an aluminum pattern which is more
durable. I broke the wings on the clay pattern on the first mold!

The Hawk Flock!

The white one is the original clay pattern. The 3 behind are aluminum castings
of which the red primer painted one is the one I finally chose to use for the
pattern to cast the brass birds. I couldn't decide how to attach the pennant to a
rod after casting it so I just epoxied the flag to a brass rod and used the whole
assembly as a pattern. I also added a decorative ball on the top of the pole
using epoxy putty.

Here is a shot of the first 2 K-Hawks. I plan to make only 4 of these to give
to friends.

Here is K-Hawk #3. I gave this one a high polish and gave it to my wife
for Christmas '09.

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