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Casting Chandelier Arms - Step by Step - Pt 3

Ready for some hot metal!  The weights are necessary to keep the liquid metal from forcing the 2 halves of the mold
apart. When this happens, hot metal comes squirting out the sides...dangerous and messy.

This is my old furnace. I use it now almost exclusively to melt zinc using propane as the fuel. The piece of firebrick
over the vent helps keep the heat inside.

Here is a shot of the furnace running and zinc ingots in the crucible.

30 minutes later the zinc is ready to pour. No shot of that as I can't pour and photograph at the same time.

Here one mold has been poured full and the weights moved to the second mold.

Here is a shot of the casting removed from the first mold. I'll use a band saw and cut off wheel to remove the
sprue and gates.

I use a high speed rotary tool with a carbide bit to remove the excess metal flashing around the edge of the casting.

6 castings and the original pattern. Nothing to it!

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