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Pineapple Finials

This is a pineapple shaped piece that the customer wants to use as a pattern for casting 20 finials for an iron fence.

They are to be placed on the top of 3/4" square steel tubes like the one shown below.

This will require a sand core to be placed in the molds to create the 3/4" space inside the base of the finial. A core is shown.

I need to remove the round pattern base and replace it with a square "core print". I'll discuss cores and core prints
on another page. I used a piece of the 3/4" tubing and glued some 1/4" all thread inside. Blue tape wrapped around
the tubing made it a little larger than 3/4" to allow for the tubing to fit into the hole that will be created in the casting.
Red spot putty was used to smooth out the end of the tube.

This photo shows the round base removed from the pattern.

A washer was placed into the space and sealed with spot putty. The square core print was then screwed into the
bottom to complete the new pattern.

Using the new pattern, I made two castings in zinc to use as my final patterns. The method used to make the zinc
patterns is similar to what you will see on the following pages where I show how to make the brass finials.


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