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Pineapple Finials Pt 2

I cut 2 small holes in a piece of 1/4" plywood to support the patterns. This plywood will be removed after the the
bottom side of the mold (the 'drag') is completed.

The 2 zinc patterns are placed into the holes.

Parting dust is shaken from a cloth bag onto the patterns and plywood board. Parting dust helps keep the moist sand 
from sticking to the pattern and board.

The entire surface has been lightly dusted.

Molding sand is sprinkled onto the patterns using a kitchen sieve. This allows the sand against the pattern to be very
fine and minimizes irregularities in the finished casting.

I skipped showing the entire process of filling the drag at this time. I'll describe it in a bit more detail in the next section.
Here, the drag is full of sand and has been smoothed off level.

The bottom board is placed on top and the mold is ready to be rolled over.

I've rolled the mold and it is now resting on the bottom board. You can see the patterns protruding through the plywood
board. Time now to take it out.


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