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Pineapple Finials - Molding the Cope

OK, I've removed the top of the mold (this is called the cope) and also removed the plywood board which is no
longer needed.


The cope is replaced and the surface, now sand with the embedded patterns, is sprinkled with parting dust to keep
the next layer of sand from sticking.

The kitchen sieve is once again brought to service to sprinkle very fine sand into the mold.

Once the patterns have been covered, I use my fingers to firm the sand around them.

At this point I use a more coarse screen to add more sand to the cope.

As the cope fills, I use a "bench rammer" to lightly pound the sand firmly into the mold. It is important to firm the edges
especially well to help keep the sand from falling out of the cope when it is lifted off later.

Once the cope is slightly more than full of sand, I use a plywood board and rubber mallet to firm the sand one final time.

This leaves a smooth surface and help firm the sand evenly in the mold.

A piece of flat steel is used to scrape the surface to remove any high spots.


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