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Happy Whales

Red Brass. approx. 2-3/4" x 4-1/2"

May 24, 2010


My inspiration for this project was a copper weather vane that I
recently repaired. The photo below shows the steps I used to
create the pattern.

The original was done in modeling clay. I put the clay version

in the freezer overnight to make it hard enough to hold up to the

green sand molding process.

My first casting was done with a low melt temperature alloy

available from Rotometals. I was not satisfied with the first

casting so I added more clay on it and added more details.

I then made a second casting with the low melt temperature alloy.

This final casting was just fine so I finished it with white paint

to give a very smooth surface. Not shown is a small hole

drilled on the opposite side. I use an ice pick stuck in this

hole to pull the pattern from the sand mold.

I used a hard boiled egg to make an oval depression in

molding sand to cast the base. The base pattern was also

cast using the low temp alloy. BTW, this alloy melts at

212F and is very convenient to use.

The two patterns were used to make the molds and the

final castings were done in bronze. I drilled a small hole

in the bottom of the whale and the oval base. A brass

rod was epoxied into both to hold the pieces together.

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