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The Core Pattern

Sculpey Clay used to re-create the internal space. Part by part...Put some clay  in,,,,cooked it...added another piece... etc. 

At the end there were about 4 or 5 pieces that could be taken apart and put back together outside of  the form. I needed to do it this way

so I would have a pattern of the space inside that I could use for a pattern outside.







The Core Molds

I used the scupey clay pattern to make a mold out of plaster.

Used spot putty to fill in the small bubbles in the mold and them painted with primer.



Making Sand Cores

The sand mix is 80 parts fine sand, 5 parts corn flour and 5 parts lindseed oil.





Cooked for 1hour at 400F.



2 Halves glued together with flour glue.



The pattern and the core.

Placing Cores in the Mold



Core placed into the mold. Sadly, it floated up and caused a mis-run.



See the hole at the top of the bottom leaf ?


On the second attempt, I glued the core into the mold with flour/water paste. I let this dry overnight and re-poured the mold. Everything worked this time.


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